Record Your Content in the Peaceful Grounded Atmosphere of Samadhi Yurt


Rent the Space & Use Your Own Equipment or Use a Selection of Ours!

When I first began embarking on online content creation I was overwhelmed by the initial investment required to create high quality content for my students. 

I had a message to share, and wanted to keep my attention and intention focused on the content creation without learning photography, videography, editing, software etc... But I did do it all, and now I want to extent that investment and knowledge gained with you!

You Choose the Equipment You Need to Use in the Space

Canon EOS 90D 

  • 32.5 MP Digital SLR
  • CMOS (APS-C) Sensor
  • EF-S 10-18MM 4.5-5.6 IS STM LENS (Wide Angle Lens so you can get your full body into the recording)

  • EF-S 18-200MM f/3.5-5.6 IS LENS (Lots of range, great for close up's)
  • 4K (UHD) 30fps Video
  • Thanks to the DIGIC 8 image processor, and APS-C size CMOS image sensor, enjoy recording uncropped 4K videos at up to 30 frames per second. Recording at almost four times the resolution of Full HD, you can see your subject in stunning clarity.

RODE Wireless GO Microphone System


  • Compact Wireless Mic System
  • 2.4GHz Digital Transmission
  • Transmitter
  • The Wireless GO is the world's smallest, most versatile wireless microphone system. The transmitter works as both a clip-on mic or as the world's smallest beltpack for a RODE lavalier, sending crystal clear broadcast-grade audio via 2.4GHz digital transmission to the ultra-compact on-camera receiver.
  • Head set available as well

The ProMaster AC Soft box lighting


  • provides bright, soft illumination for your photography and videography
  • photographic LED and CFL Edison-style lamps
  • integrated tilting bracket and handle on each light head makes it easy to direct light

The only thing you are required to bring with you is the appropriate memory card, which you take with you when your recording sessions are finished

(See FAQ's section below for details)

Need Help with Taking Your Content Online?

Not only is the initial equipment investment overwhelming, but learning new software programs is also equally challenging. 

Although I was initially frustrated as I fumbled through my own membership site and course creation, I soon found myself enjoying the creative play, and now have transitioned into a place where I can offer these services in a capacity that suits your unique needs using Simplero all-in-one software.

Whether you are looking for:

  • Someone to teach you how to do it yourself: I can walk you through the basics, show you how the software works what steps you need to take to create your own online platform
  • Brainstorm & coach you through the process: It's a big undertaking taking your content from recording to course ready to share, sometimes a support person is all you need to get you started, assist you through the process and encourage you along the way. Sometimes it is preferred to start with the brainstorming & coaching decide how you intent to create the course or site, and then book dates for recording
  • Organize & put the pieces of your course or membership site together: Perhaps you don't need the encouragement, just a mapped out plan of action & how to get started
  • Or have me do it all for you! Sometimes we just know that some tasks need to be delegated to another. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

What type of memory card do I need?

SanDisk SDXC Extreme PRO 170MB/s 

  • 64GB
  • 128GB
  • 256GB
  • 512GB

Cards are available in the above sizes, depending on how much recording you need to do. These memory cards are specific to the high quality camera that I have, and it is essential that you purchase this brand or one of equal quality. Easy found at all local photography stores and amazon (but support local if you can)

I don't know what I need can you help me figure that out?

Yes absolutely! If you are super fresh to the creating digital content I'm happy to help you in any way I can. Best way is to book a consultation with me so I can understand the best way to help.

I'm using different software for my course/membership site, can you help with other platforms?

Yes, I'm familiar with patreon, and I can sit with you and figure out how to work with your software, many of the platforms have the same language & settings, it's just to get familiar with how the site works.

Can I use some of your equipment but not all?

Yes of course, use what you need, and bring what you have