Experience Samadhi Yurt

Our Yurt is an authentic Mongolian yurt straight from the source!

A round space has a COMPLETELY different feel then a square space! Not only does it feel safe, comfortable & inviting, it also holds a powerful portal of energy through the Toono (top centered window) & crystal grid aligned in the center of the yurt. 

A yurt, or ger in Mongolia, is the traditional dwelling of Central Asian nomads. More than a tent, the yurt is the result of ancient savoir-faire and has been developed over hundreds of years. Made to resist extreme climates, this circular domed abode is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Easily dismantled, the yurt is portable eco-friendly and self-supporting.  Its history dates back thousands of years and yurts are still widely in use year round across Mongolia.

This ingenious structure requires neither nail nor ground fastening. Its “walls” consist of crossed wooden strips in a lattice arrangement fixed together in a circle by braided horse hair. In the centre of the yurt is a dome called a toono, mounted on 2 pillars. 81 rods, the huns, are introduced into the toono of a yurt thus creating the frame. 
The yurt is covered by wool felt and a water-resistant cotton canvas. Depending on its size, 3 people can put it together in roughly 2 hours… This millenarian abode, still home to the semi-nomadic people of Central Asia is extremely resilient, adaptable, and PERFECT for private sessions, yoga, energy healing, and ceremony.

Things I LOVE about yurts...

->Mostly natural and organic materials

->It’s more comfortable : with its unique construction and material, the yurt naturally breathes.

->It has a spirit!

->It is so wonderfully decorated, – it’s a hand made work of art.

->Nothing beats the felt for insulating this compact structure. It keeps it warm in the Winter, but maintains it cool in the Summer.

We have named her Samadhi Yurt.

Samadhi means "Awakening & Absorption of Spirit," and symbolizes my intention when coaching, teaching classes, leading ceremony & gatherings. 

There is many beautiful details, and symbology within her sacred walls, traditionally hand painted by a rural family in Mongolia, I'm proud to know this yurt (or Ger as its referred to in Mongolia) that we purchased is supporting an entire community.

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