My Transparent Journey with Superfood Social & Purium PT1


I’m going to be completely honest, open and transparent about how I came to be a brand partner with Purium products and the Superfood Social community. Honesty and authenticity are core values for me, I won't make things look good when they aren't, I won't promote products or people that I don't believe in. I just won't. 

My intention with this 2-part post is to share with you the process that brought me to partner and join the Superfood Social community. Its all about elevating each other in the most meaningful ways, but there was a process for me to get to where I am now, and its my intend to share, promote, and grow this community with one of my own, all while encouraging others to make one of the biggest and greatest changes they can make in their lives. Food.

Alright, let's get to it. Here's my story. 

As always, I didn't ask for it, I wasn't searching for it, in fact, I was avoiding it altogether for the first 5 months that it was put in front of me. But, it continued to capture my attention, and I watched as many of my friends and peers jumped on board. I still resisted, but it kept coming onto my path, and I kept dismissing it because of past experiences, or because of society's projections of the way in which the company chooses to share their products, which is unconventional. Well, once I tapped into that word, and contemplated why I was resisting so much, the flood gates opened.

As you know I am not interested in anything that is out of alignment for me. I don’t want to entertain ideas or things that will put me in a place where I feel like I’m not in my integrity, so naturally I was concerned about that. But I also know that the universe brings things to me for certain reasons, for growth opportunities! I was beginning to recognize this was one of them and was able to piece apart my projections and triggers and have an honest look at all of it. 

Here's the thing. I have a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to food. I've been on the organic living train for 10 years, and have explored many fad diets within that realm, as well as ancient teachings like Ayurveda. I've been low fat, high fat, keto, vegan, and everything in between. I was thinking what could this company possibly have to offer that I didn't already know? Then I realized I was asking the wrong question, because realistically I was struggling even with my organic lifestyle, even with my cupboard full of herbals, even with the knowledge and experience I had gained. I was not living it!!! Sound the alarm bells and wave the big red flag!

I knew I needed to cleanse and detoxify my body, I knew I needed to rest and support it, but I wasn't. I was finding excuses, and bandaid solutions even if they were healthy ones. The fact of the matter was, I had yeast overgrowth issues for at least a year, brain fog for more than that, battled with regular elimination daily, was groggy and fatigued throughout the day, irregular menstrual cycles and was often stiff and sore in the mornings. That was the truth. I said it, I accepted it. Why was it so hard to just live the lifestyle I knew I could, and show up for myself in ways I've done before? The answer for me was stress, I was frozen in my chronic stress state which was directly related to the current world situation.

Low and behold the moment I gave up my career as a nurse, and walked away from 14 years of safety and security, this community and company landed in my lap offering support to not only support my through a cleanse, and get me back on track to a healthy lifestyle, it was also offering me an opportunity to diversify my income when I had just lost a substantial amount. I suppose we are all wired to believe that if something is too good to be true then it probably is. But I was in a radical state of acceptance of anything that the Universe was going to place on my path. All those old sayings don't have anything on me anymore. I'm completely free to create the life I want now. I have no boss, no governing body telling me what to do, what to say, what to wear, or how to live. I get to decide, and I decided to lean into this, and let it help me get myself back on track, and clear about the path ahead of me. 

My History with Affiliate & Multi-Level Marketing 

You might be surprised to know I have a fair amount of history with affiliate and multi-level marketing. The first one was 15 years ago when Wes and I decided we needed to get healthy, and we signed up with the company USANA, which is a supplement company. It was cool, we used it for a while, sold some to family and friends for a bit, but never really got any traction. I started nursing school and it just fell away. 

Next was Usborne Books, I was homeschooling two kids at the time, and was so in-love with all the educational books they had to offer. I did a few parties and collected all the books I wanted, then let it go as I was also breastfeeding twins and trying to keep my head above water.

I dabbled in Doterra essential oils too for a very short time, but just wasn't feeling it. I didn't go through the oils nearly enough to justify ongoing orders and didn't feel it was a good use of my energy.

When I reflect, I see clearly that it had nothing to do with the structure of businesses and everything to do with the fact that it didn't inspire me, it didn't light me up and show me ways that I can be of service to people in a capacity that would help create lasting change. Definitely not a coincidence that I had these experiences leading up to the present time. Universe is always paving the way.

Contemplating My Unconscious Beliefs

My conditioning and unconscious beliefs come into play in several ways in this regard, as I mentioned earlier I had heard about the products and business 6 months ago now, and there were many times where I found myself doing mental gymnastics over it. Which should have clued me in right away, because normally if something wasn't meant for me, it just wouldn't be my perception, I wouldn't waste a moment even thinking about it. 

As I said above, I got lots of "too good to be true" vibes which then translated in my mind to the people sharing it must be out of integrity from my view point. 

On reflection, I could see that these people, who I had always very much admired, did look great, they did appear vibrantly healthy, and they had never given me any other reason to believe that they were anything but authentic integral people wanting the best for others. I was projecting these thoughts out, and the feedback I received within myself was that it wasn't them that was the problem but my projections of them.

Truth is I was still neck deep in my own smallness, despite covering great distances in this regard, I still felt that I was unworthy of receiving any amount of wealth or prosperity. I also have an ongoing fawning response, where, when my nervous system registers that I am unsafe, or sharing something is unsafe, I default to thinking of what others will think of me, or extreme tactfulness where I won't share anything awesome happening in my life because I'm concerned that my happiness will bring sadness or despair to another. So I end up doing nothing, frustrated that I can't seem to be more empowered and visible, instead building resentment for all the inspiring women that are putting themselves out there, sharing beautiful things and finding success in their lives. This is no way to be. This was not how I wanted to perceive them.

When I was finally conscious of all this, I felt so much freedom, and now I finally feel I'm on the right side of things. I want to celebrate women, mothers, influencers who have found success in their businesses and are sharing a genuine gift with the world. Those that inspire us are simply a reflection of what is possible to anyone who is ready to take responsibility for their thoughts, beliefs, and actions. So that's exactly what I'm doing now. Instead of feeling left out, or resentful of their successes, I've opened myself to be completely overtaken by the inspiring path they are paving for me and many others. Much gratitude for their courage to be vulnerable in a world where so many of us feel small or unworthy, they are a beacon of light that we can soften too, and allow ourselves to expand beyond our perceived limitations.

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