Mothering with Meaning & Purpose

2017-09-20 Elisa Wiebe Prize Session Hi Res-19

It's becoming ever more clear that our colonized society is missing something.

not just one thing, but a complete foundation of unconditional love, belonging, and meaning. 

Despite our big houses, full pantries, cars and campers, individual bedrooms, quads, bikes & vacations.

The sense that something deeper is absent from our reality is a very real experience that many people are facing at this time. 

When asking people to define motherhood, terms such as caregiver, housekeeper, financial provider are most common. Not that those terms are no true, but is that really what motherhood is about? Or have we lost something essential along the way? 

In my studies of yogic living, feminine energy, mythology & Gaia the great mother, I've discovered myself in a place where I "mother" in a wildly different way.

In a way that is full of meaning & purpose

Where every time I give to myself with honour & reverence, I feel so deeply connected to something much greater than myself. 

Each opportunity I have to heal an old wound, an old story or program that's harmful, releases me into a new realm for freedom & peace.

This brings me to the realization of what it is that I've been uncovering & rediscovering on my journey over the last 11 years.

Mothering is something much greater, and now is the perfect time to redefine it, reimagine it, reconnect with it.

What if mothering isn't really about all those tasks we complete, and all the expectations we perceive. Fulltime jobs, making lunches, retiring & waiting to have meaning again when we're a grandparent.

But instead, a call to rekindle the ancient archetype that was buried long ago?

What great wisdom might we uncover?

What healing might you bring to not only yourself but your ancestral lines?

How would this shape the experiences of our children? 

What magic might our children create if their mother steps fully into her power, and creates a life of meaning & purpose?

How will our children love themselves & others when they witness their mother treating herself with kindness & respect. 

Its time we:

RECLAIM Mother as Sacred, Wise & Intuitive.

RECLAIM Our Power, Our Value & Our Grace.

It's within us. Always has been there, dormant. Patiently waiting for your courage to rise so you can claim what is rightful yours.


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