When Advocacy Turns to Fear


Advocate for change.

Scrap the fear.

Demand freedom.

As many of you know, our family is highly immersed in nature on a regular basis for all kinds of great benefits. We intentionally honor and connect spiritually to the earth as a part of our daily lives.

There is a concept called Animism: the belief that all living things have spirit. Therefore our encounters with plants, animals, & minerals have the ability to communicate on a deep level.

We are in a relationship with Gaia, our great Mother.

Our Earth is highly organized and intelligent, continuously evolving.

I see the parallels in my own life. Mother: giving, giving, giving. Children: taking, taking, taking.

Until they are old enough, wise enough to appreciate their mother, and see her love for what it is. Unconditional.

The mother sacrifices.

Now let's look at the root of the word sacrifice. It means to make sacred. 

Isn’t that just the most beautiful perspective? 

From a place of giving up something for someone else. 

In the midst of this youth climate revolution, I had a moment of clarity that I’m going to share.

I watched the video of Greta addressing the UN this week, and it felt all WRONG in so many ways.

Hear me out!

Anytime I see people (doesn’t matter who) promoting fear, alarm bells go off!

Do we really want to instill fear into all our young people? 

I don’t. 

Did you know about the psychological term “eco-anxiety?”

UH.. no thanks, they don’t need to be stressed about the world ending. 


I want them to love the earth, to care for it, and to stand up for it. To make sacred, that is to sacrifice some ease in their lives for the sake of balance. To use their intelligence for innovation, and evolution. 

But not from a place of fear.

Fear and insecurity are low vibrational energy, which means we are living from the lower chakras. 

My journey has been to move through blockages of the lower chakras, and live from a heart-centered place. 

When I saw that video I could see through to the agenda behind it, the politics.

It's all so fishy. 

It stinks actually. 

Spreading fear has always been the way to take away freedom. There's a blueprint for this type of mind control. First, the powers that be make you feel broken, or in this case dirty, a disease on this planet. Second, comes the fear, be very afraid, terrified. And finally the last part of this age-old strategy is the introduction of a savor. Usually timed just right. Like before a political election.. Someone who will swoop in with great promises to fix this problem for us, to save us. But often coming at a great cost.

I don’t believe Greta set out with these intentions. She was picked up and is now being used to spread a message of fear, instead of just a message that we are tired of the politicians not making clean energy, clean water, pollution etc.. a priority.

I realize this might not be a popular perspective for many of you. 

 But I’ve always believed it is important to look at both sides, especially when a once unpopular, and hidden movement ends up in the mainstream media. 

I debated posting this, but when the poetic & wise Toko-pa Turner posted this morning, I knew I must say my peace.

“Silence is a power because it keeps whats tender, what's vulnerable, away from scrutiny, crisis, dismissal, interruption, and exile. The keeper of silence has tremendous control… but when does silence turn upon its keeper and become the captor?… If something important is left unsaid, everything is its wake is less truthfully spoken.”

Living with consciousness means looking at your own bias, listening to the perspectives of others, and then looking within for what feels true to you. The Dalai Lama had it right when he said: “when you speak you are speaking something you already know when you listen you might learn something new.”

The front page of the paper had a story about a young person who took an oath to not have any children because of the politician's lack of climate action. Tell me who benefits from this young person swearing to not reproduce? To me, that seems like a decision made from a place of fear.

I admire the courage of these young activists, and I don’t want to discourage activism in my own children either. 

But everything isn’t always as it appears.

Should we eliminate plastic straws and bags, yes I think so.

Should we be composting? Yes of course.

Stop the pipeline? Yes! 

Save the lake? Yes!

Focus on regeneration agriculture? Yes!

Clean energy? Yes!

Yes to all of it! But not at the cost of my freedom. I’m not interested in the government having more control. But they are trying really hard. 

Control over women's's reproductive rights…? Seeing this at all?

Mandatory vaccines?

I think all the innovative clean energy and conscious eco-living is amazing, and I absolutely try to produce as little waste as possible at home. I myself have dreams of living off-grid, and being as self-sustaining as possible. 

I vote with every dollar I spend, supporting local, organic, and waste free when possible.

BUT that doesn’t have to come with a message of fear!

 I don’t need to be made to feel dirty, that my carbon imprint is what is destroying the earth. 

Humanity is not bad. We are amazing co-inhabitors of this planet

So to end this thought process, I ask myself how can I cultivate respect for the earth without passing on fear, or anxiety to the youth in my life? 

By Ensuring they connect daily,  understanding they are a part of this great cycle. Educate them. Encourage & support innovation.

Let's focus on small local environmental issues, here in Manitoba, the health of our lakes, stop hydro projects and dumping sewage, factory waste into the red river, and stop the deforestation of our boreal forest to name a few. 

Lets empower our youth to makea positive impact locally where they can see the positive changes. 

Get outside! Learn the animals in your area, the fruits and herbs you can use in your home as medicine and nourishment. 

Plant a garden, compost, grow plants indoors.

Give thanks & celebrate the rhythms of nature.



If you feel like the Climate Strike is making it hard to celebrate the reasons why you brought your kids into this world? Click Here, I will send you my Audio/Video recording with contemplative questions to help you refocus and work through your perspectives.


May we honour the essence & spirit in all

Sat Nam

(Truth is they name. I honour the truth, the true essence that you are, that true essence which is the same in me. We are one) 🙏💕



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