Are we raising the next generation to be the change?


Two completely different perspectives. 

Let us do a bit of contemplation here, run through these questions, answering honestly.

Are you merely raising your children to survive? To make it through?

Is the goal to give them enough education so they can get a job? Equip them with the tools they need to make it through the day?

Make sure they listen and obey authority at the cost of what feels right?  

Is the goal to see them with honours in University?  Because that would make you look good? 

Is the goal for them to make money to feed themselves, and acquire health benefits for their future health issues? 

Or to make lots of money to acquire all the stuff you couldn’t afford?

I propose a radical shift in the way we raise our kids. 

What if we raise our children with the intention that they will change the world! I know it sounds lofty, but hear me out!

What if we taught them how to love themselves, how to trust themselves, respect themselves and create healthy boundaries?

What if we fostered a connection with their soul, their intuition, their true essence? 

What if we gave them tools to manage stress, teach them boundaries.

 What if we showed them UNCONDITIONAL love? That means NOT withholding your love & affection when you don’t agree with their choices, and not trying to make them feel guilty for their decisions. 

What if we stopped serving kids hot dogs in school!? And what about candy? Can we stop giving junk food as a replacement for love and connection? 

What happens if we teach a generation of kids to take CARE of their bodies… Because it DOES matter. Some education on nutrition anyone? Maybe they can start making homemade soup in school instead!

What if we focused on their passions and efforts instead of praising high grades and academic achievements?

What if we made Sibling relationships & Community the priority over school friendships, and popularity?

What if we immersed them in nature, taught them where food comes from, what is real food versus factory-made food. What about teaching them to grow food, forage wild food? Show them the beauty & diversity all around them?

What if let them be bored… Really really bored? So bored, they have to access their creativity, their imagination?

Yes, I parent differently than most, but NOT out of ignorance, not because I want attention.. kids are the future, and I take that to heart..  This world is too messed up to NOT parent with intention.

I’m raising my kids to be the change world needs. To do that I have to live those changes, model to them what I wish to see.

 Wherever you are at with your parenting journey right now, can you make room for new perspectives?

Just to be clear, I am NOT passing any judgement on anyone, we are all on our unique journey, and I believe you are exactly where we are supposed to be. 

If you are reading this today and are inspired to contemplate these questions honestly, I SALUTE you! And Thank you for your openness. 

So to conclude:  Are you raising them to survive? OR to be the evolutionary, visionary people that we need this next generation to be?

And if you need help navigating this parenting journey, shoot me an email or PM 


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