BEheard & Release

Heart Coherence & Energetic Alignment Coaching

 In this 4-hour coaching, personal alignment & ceremony session, I will be 100% present for you, to listen, and hold space for you to communicate whatever your heart needs to speak out loud. This opportunity to vent what you are experiencing will offer an instant release.

 We will dig into the root cause of your suffering, helping you to see where you are getting stuck or blocked. This deep introspection is yet another opportunity to heal & reprogram your subconscious beliefs.  

We conclude our time together with a burn & release ceremony, yoga, meditation & deep relaxation to clear any stuck energy, release, restore & reset.

having tea


Unpacking the Density of the Things Left Unsaid. 

  • Connect Heart to Heart Through Breathwork & Mediation
  • Engage in a Relaxed & Safe Atmosphere 
  • Opportunity to Speak About the Areas Where You are Struggling, & Suffering


Reestablish a Line of Clarity

  • Alignment Coaching Based on Your Values, Desires & Goals
  • Establish Clear Boundaries & Discipline 
  • Create a Plan of Action
fire and realease


Unload all that doesn't need to be carried, surrender, trust, and restore your mind, body, & spirit.

  • Burn & Release Ceremony
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Resore with Sound Thereapy & Eneregy Healing



Private 4-Hour Session $397

Weekday Evenings 5pm to 8pm

Private 6-Hour Session $597

Includes Lunch

Weekends 10am to 3pm

Small Group 4-Hour Session

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YES, I'm ready RElease, REstore & REalign!

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